Music for wedding day

Today we will talk about music on the day of the wedding . In Serendipity-Photography we are specialists in Wedding Photography , but we know that there are many details in a wedding that we have to have prepared, and one of them is music for special moments .

Who has not imagined the day of their wedding arriving at the altar or the increasingly prepared and flirty civil ceremony tables while a melodious song played by an orchestra plays? Maybe an orchestra is going a little budget but from Serendipity-Photography we leave you a list of musical suggestions to accompany you throughout the ceremony.

For the entrance of the bride we recommend 4 works that will not disappoint you, it is a key moment, the bride shows her best smile to her guests and her wedding photographer, and it is very important that we feel identified with the music that sounds in this moment, it will make us show the best of smiles.

1. This precious work by Albinoni, Adagio in G minor

2. A little more animated, perfect for weddings in summer and outdoors, its title is Canon and Giga .

3. You could not miss a classic at weddings:  Aria de la suite in ReM , by Bach.

4. This is especially recommended for religious ceremonies , its title is Cantata Jesu meine Freude .

For the readings of witnesses and friends, we recommend a song performed by the London Philharmonic, Haende canticorum Iubilo .

Other songs that you can use as a soundtrack in your day can be:

The spring of Vivaldi.

Wagner’s Bridal March .

Alleluia exultate Mozart’s iubilate .

Ave Maria composed by Schubert.

And if you are looking for something more relaxed, what better than a work entitled Meditation , composed by Thais, a work that delights for violin lovers.

And finally friends, as a gift I leave this beautiful composition that few know by the name of its author: Mendelssohn but it is the most traditional wedding marches and is that it was composed for it since its name is Marriage Bridal .

And if doubts assail you and you need a helping hand you know that you can contact us to guide you in the choice of music for your wedding , we will be happy to advise you on your choice. You can send an email to info@serendipity-fotografí

We are waiting your comments. Surely among all we find the perfect music for this unforgettable day.

Until next time!

Locksmith criticizes that each student of the School of Music “costs 1,000 euros to all the citizens of Abulenses”

The councilor of UPyP has insisted on how heavy is the Municipal School of Music and the School of Arts to the City Council of the capital when the musical training is an “improper competition” of the Consistory.

Municipal School of Music.

“I do not want to close the School of Music but it is managed in a different way,” said Javier Cerrajero, for which he has explained what it means for the municipal coffers. With 400,000 euros of cost and 400 students, “each student costs 1,000 to the people of Ávila” -of which 25 percent are children and 75 percent adults-, which makes this center a “structural problem” derived of having been created when the City Council had “a big budget”.The councilman has contrasted this situation with the sports field, which is the responsibility of the City Council, to emphasize that the sport has more than 5,000 practitioners and less budget than the School of Music.

“I suppose that the monitor of tennis or rhythmic gymnastics would also like to be a working staff of the City Council”, he said, comparing with the teachers of the musical center.

“Locksmith, please locksmith.

Do not leave the door like that.

Hurry locksmith. Do not leave me like that.

I need to know your name, your address,

Be suspicious of your neighbor.

Place a good security lock on the door of your house … “

Locksmith , Leo Masliah.

As a known cadence, the two films directed by Natalia Smirnoff ( Puzzle and The locksmith reservoir ) repeat a few themes with some different combination in each case. The resulting tone is discreet, buried; its protagonists go through changes and revelations without apparently altering their mood or expression. The world turns slowly around giving them time to reflect, maybe prepare to perceive some variation, which will only be affordable for them.
UPyD has presented an amendment to the project of ordinances to raise the fees of the School of Music to raise 220,000 euros instead of 200,000.



Buying cheap vacuum cleaners but at the same time are of quality and we can amortize them for a long time is surely the biggest challenge for those looking to acquire a vacuum cleaner.

That is why, in today’s post, we are going to select the best cheap vacuum cleaners on the market this year.
To do this, we have focused on the combination of price and opinions of buyers of Amazon, the online store that more sales volume in appliances currently generates. If you want to buy some product and do not know how to do it, we recommend that you take a look at the guide for first time buyers . The truth is that there is no secret: registration with mail and payment with credit card, with the guarantee of a large store like Amazon.
We have conducted a 20-hour investigation, comparing and analyzing more than 30 products on the market and we have selected the 5 best vacuums for you.
In this complete guide we offer you 2 useful tools that will help you to make the best decision according to your needs and budget:
1. The best cheap vacuum cleaners of 2016
2. What to keep in mind when buying a vacuum cleaner
In the market you can find many brands of cheap vacuum cleaners, but there are 3 brands that rank highest in the ranking, 3 brands that win among buyers:
• Black & Decker: This internationally recognized and prestigious brand specializes in the manufacture of high-end, first-class appliances, always striving for quality and design at attractive prices. A safe bet.
• Dyson: Specialists in manufacturing vacuum cleaners, the English brand Dyson is a brand that has years of experience in the sector, offering buyers high quality, first class materials and modern and sophisticated designs, always at low prices.
• IRobot : The popular iRobot brand has positioned itself strongly in the vacuum cleaner sector thanks to the sale of its vacuum cleaner robots, which allow families to enjoy a clean floor without any effort. Ideal for those who do not have the time.
Below we offer you a list that collects the 5 best cheap vacuum cleaners on the market, those with better value for money.
First of all, we want to make it clear that we will include cheap vacuum cleaners that meet minimums. For example, we find models of hand vacuum for € 20, but both opinions and common sense as our experience prove to us that it is not a good buy. It is better to spend 40 euros on a product that can withstand and that is of acceptable quality.

The market has countless cheap vacuum cleaners, but surely not all fit your specific needs, that is why before making a specific decision we advise you to consider some basic features before making your choice:
• Power: It is important to opt for a high-power appliance that will ensure an effective and easy cleaning. It is interesting to offer between 1400W and 2200W. Also take into account the suction power, which should not be less than 400W.
• Noise level : The excessive noise in a vacuum cleaner is very annoying, so it is best to choose those models that offer a noise level below 70 dB. Suspended and isolated motors help to reduce the noise level.
• Cable Length: If it is a cable operated vacuum cleaner, it is important to ensure that it is long enough to allow you freedom of movement at home.
• Brand: Always bet for the purchase of cheap vacuum cleaners of the first brands that offer you the highest guarantees of satisfaction and the highest quality materials on the market.
• Airflow: The performance of the vacuum cleaner will depend basically on the air flow, which must be the same as 800 km / h, speed at which the air can reach inside the aspirator.
• Energy consumption: It is essential that the aspirate that is acquired offers a low energy consumption, allowing a greater saving in the invoice of the light.
If you want to buy one of the cheap vacuum cleaners on the market, remember our proposals …. They are sure to meet your expectations!
As we have already commented on some occasion, we do not all need the same type of vacuum cleaner, so we are going to separate according to the type of cheap vacuum cleaner: hand vacuum cleaners, bagless vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners.
If you are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner robot , we recommend that you go through our comparative page of vacuum cleaners.
Let’s start!
Hand vacuum cleaners are the ideal product for home maintenance or cleaning small or hard surfaces (a car, behind furniture, etc.). Our selection of best inexpensive vacuum
for this type is:

Hand Vacuum Cleaners Catalog
The best portable vacuum cleaners
The bagless vacuum cleaner is the lifeline sled vacuum cleaner but with the advantage that we should not replace the bag with the vacuumed dirt. It is the type of vacuum cleaner more warrior and multipurpose. Currently, most of the latest model vacuum cleaners are already manufactured using this technology, which saves money on the purchase of replacement bags and is more environmentally friendly. This is our selection of three cheap vacuum cleaners of this type:

Complete catalog of vacuum cleaners without a bag
The best bagless vacuum cleaners of 2015
Finally, we will select the best cheap electric brooms . This product is ideal to keep the surface of our house in perfect condition, being of great help in a home with children or with animals. Our selection is as follows:

Complete catalog of broom vacuum cleaners
The best vacuum cleaners, at the best price
That is all, these would be our choices when it comes to acquiring a cheap vacuum cleaner . As always, we invite you to share with us any opinion or experience you have had with vacuum cleaners. If you have any questions, leave a comment or contact us via social networks.
Until next time!

5 famous reveal your beauty secrets

It is curious that many of the most beautiful women in the world, who offer their faces to champion the virtues of creams and the most expensive cosmetics on the market, use natural products to enrich their beauty. In everyday life come to the fridge or fruit basket to make yourself a pilaten mask or hair treatment .

All agree that to stay healthy and fine food is fundamental, as well as exercisedaily through simple routines, walking or yoga . Learn the secrets of beauty of some of them:

1. Claudia Schiffer . The German model has its own tricks to show off a hair radiant with shine and enhance the natural blonde. Bathes in beer once a week. It also leaves your hair slightly moist after bathing, to achieve a textured finish.

2. Terri Hatcher . The 47-year-old actress boasts soft, youthful skin. Your secret to keep it that way? A bubbly bath in a whirlpool enriched with red wine (one to ntioxidante ) and essential oils that tone, moisturise and exfoliate the skin of the body.

Hatcher is a lover of wine . Also it consumes, because a small dose causes decreased risk for heart problems.

3. Ana Brenda . She shares a natural recipe for a skin toned. Do you want to know the recipe? 1 cup natural yogurt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon grapefruit juice. Mix everything and apply to the face every night after removing make-up. Leave to act for 5 minutes and remove with fresh water. This way your dermis will look more hydrated and younger. Do it once a week.

4. Chantal Andere . The villain of the soap operas one is peeling to remove the top layers of dead skin cells with 1 block and 3 crushed strawberries. After washing the face, apply the preparation on the face for 10 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

Chantal learned the virtues of the apple when he learned that a group of researchers from the University of Iowa found that apple peel contains ursolic acid , which reduces wear and promotes muscle growth. They also found a substance that decreases fat levels and glucose , cholesterol and triglyceridesin the blood.

5. Daniela Luján. This popular Mexican artist uses hair a mixture of olive oil , honey and a little lemon. He applies it a couple of times a month. For the face, use a tomato with lemon; Affirms that it is good to undo and applies it once a week to match the tone of your skin.

The key is to use natural products or otherwise, that you go with professional beauty , to prevent the development of any allergy or irritation to your skin. Remember that every dermis is different, but it is very important to have proper hygiene and moisturize every part of your body, to reduce fine lines and look better.

The Coffee Makers: the aromatic flavor of the new Latin music in the US

Say they do not want to sing about politics, they are a band of neighborhood.

But simply having grown up in East Los Angeles was cast in his songs references to poverty and marginalization, travelers love and dreams fulfilled, immigrants and life north of the border. Much as the verses in English are the rhythms of son Jarocho, Mexican folk repertoire.

That’s The Coffee Makers, an American band, eminently bilingual, forged alongside the train tracks and between musical workshops and community activism. A group “merger” inevitable, reflecting what it means to be Chicano today in the western United States.

“In the past, ‘Chicano’ had become a derogatory term. Being Chicano was not being Mexican enough nor American, neither here nor there. This generation is taking up that word to say that we are proud of being what we are . this is transmitted in music, we touch is jarocho but mixed with many other things Everything inspires us. our way through places like this, where we are proud to live, “he tells BBC World José Cano, the percussionist who does not give truce to his Peruvian drawer.

The trajectory of the band, which was formed in 2005 took on the roads in the neighborhood, since they met in musical workshops and seven members -three women, four men participated with neighbors in a protest to save a garden of infants who was about to be closed.

But then they went beyond the widening scene of the current US Latin music, which has in Los Angeles a center of creation in turmoil and which militate other bands like The Santa Cecilia, tribe or pioneers Ozomatli. A new era in creating sounds of Latin American inspiration that Hispanics in second and third generation to a litter of composers and musicians determined to erase boundaries.

“We are more aware of their stories generation, we are here because we were born and live, but we want to return to our roots and update these roots to our stories today,” said Daniel French, one of the voices of the group besides interpreter revelry, the stringed instrument shaped like a small guitar that is part of the sound identity of the Son jarocho.

See Las Cafeteras on stage is an experience: the textured voice and sweet Leah Gallegos, the jawbone of a donkey scratches while singing; the marimbol Annette Torres, a kind of xylophone on a soundboard that finger touches; jaranas combination with requintos, the rhythmic tapping on a wooden platform, the “war cries” coming out of the throat of Hector Flores.

When discovered the local press, on account of his reinterpretation of the legendary Chicano anthem “La Bamba”, they were described as “rebellious souls” doing “urgent and important” music.

“It ‘s not that traditional Mexican version sing your grandfather, or Ritchie Valens 1958, nor the remake success of Los Lobos 1987 , ” wrote the newspaper Los Angeles Times .

La Bamba coffee version is something else: a proposal for battle, in which the “ay, up and up” are mixed with verses against racist laws of Arizona or against the existence of national borders. They came to the “Chicano paradise” according toown – definition sang the day in the company of Los Lobos, one of the founding bands of Hispanic rock in the ’70s born in the same area of Los Angeles which coffeepots and espresso coffee makers for $200.

See: Los Lobos and Latin music in the US

Voices of this time

Her first studio album, not coincidentally, is called “It’s Time” ( “It’s Time”), a title that denotes the sense of urgency with which this band around the world look young.

There, a song about gender violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: the country of their families. “Worker Worker” is a hymn to the “men and women who do not lose their pride.” Mentions race, to no money.Then there is the version of “Moon Lovers” in sign language dedicated to a young deaf Arizona whose family had been arrested in a raid controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“We sing about migration because we are children of migrant dreams. We talk about police abuses because we live in. And so poverty because we grew up,” says Flores.

But they are not considered a political band: just a product of his time.

And summarized as follows:. “If you grew up in East LA (East Los Angeles), you know what we mean are Hispanics here, these are our stories talked about the attacks on our people, but also of love and family. : this is our reality we are not a political group we are a real group “…

Live Legend lands on Tenerife with the most legendary bands

This year Tenerife is lucky, the volcanic island out the‘s red carpet to receive great legends of music with cycle Legends Live. And, if something could enhance the great experience that involves listening to legendary bands like Blue Brothers Band, it is to accompany a good beer in a long white sand beach.

Alpha Blondy, The Original Blues Brothers Band and Earth, Wind & Fire join the cycle Legends Live this summer cycle that leads behind two big shows so far this year and will give a total of seven concerts of classical groups 70, 80 and 90.
the bands will perform at the Pyramid of Arona, an auditorium first class with all the comforts and techniques to turn every concert into a unforgettable experience benefits. Yes, the capacity is limited, so hurry up and get your ticket!

Arona will flood the best Reggae music on 9 July. Alpha Blondy is an African singer, with more than 20 albums released, influenced by the music of the great Bob Marley.The lyrics of their songs express strong claims full of humor, especially towards the political class. Prepare your Jamaican hat and … Come and enjoy the great Reggae legend!

If yours is the Soul, you can not lose Blues Brothers Band on Aug. 19. The most faithful band that created by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi for the program Saturday Night Live . The band offers a direct powerful with musicians like Steve Cropper, considered one of the best guitarists in the world Soul.

And to keep the streak, Earth, Wind and Fire will delight us with his great musical variety on October 21. A hurricane of funk, soul, disco and jazz, with its undisputed Al McKay front,  aims to be one of the major events of leisure in Tenerife this year. His are the world hits Boogie Wonderland or September. Revive impact with the band its golden age.

This we are serving tray: good music, beach and the best atmosphere you can imagine, what do you expect to get your input?

10 artists who have dedicated their songs to coffee

coffee machine rental sg has been the saving drink of thousands of people , from students, workers, Godinez, and even raw, because all the properties and the delicious taste that characterize it . Before this, many singers have paid tribute, so we bring you a top of the best songs dedicated to coffee:

1. For the espresso coffee: “Coffee Cantata” ,  Johann Sebastian Bach

2. For a delicious coffee cut: hopefully that rains coffee ” , Juan Luis Guerra

3. from chocochino:  ” Grinding coffee “Hugo Blanco

4. Dedicated to macchiatto latte :” Ay Mama Ines “Snowball

5. American life:” One cup of coffee ” Bob Marley

6. The cappuccino can not miss: “One more cup of coffee , ” Bob Dylan

7. A unique barista: “The coffee song” Frank Sinatra

8. A spectacular mocha: “Coffee time Natalie Cole

9. Lungo intense: “Another cup of coffee , ” Mike & The Mechanics

10. Ristretto Ardenza: “Two beds and a coffee machine”, Savage Garden

Another singer who is no slouch,  who worked with  Nescafé Dolce Gusto  to launch a video, which is a remake of the famous remix “The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. This production Grammy winner, is part of the new  global campaign ‘Creativity reinvents the classic’ , which celebrates the fusion of music and coffee, two things without which we could not live.

Are you craved a cup?

The best music to train

Does it increase the intensity of your workout if you accompany it with the right music? You know that if we synchronize the movements of our exercise routines with the rhythm of music, the power maximizes me and effort is minimized? In Avanza Fitness, your gym in Xativa , we want to choose the best music to train to optimize your effort . Do you dare to follow our advice?

The motivation for exercise is very important if you want to be effective. It’s more than proven that music motivates a lot. If you choose the right music and volume is slightly above the comfort zone, you will increase the workload without realizing  and effort go unnoticed.

In Avanza Fitness, your sports center in La Costera , as experts in Fitness, we organized many and varied aimed classes where music is the protagonist because we know from experience that motivation is essential in order to become consistent and maximize the effort. Add the best music to train you ensures immediate charge extra energy , get in a good mood in record time and is able to give us that final push when the force decays.

The best music to train to stimulate your senses

The practice of exercise requires the necessary motivation not to relax to enjoy getting fit well. And for this we have the music. It does not matter the style you choose or you like more . There is always a topic that when you start to hear their first notes, you come up and you increase without realizing the intensity to give the final push needed to finish your scheduled routines. Stimulate you with music is very easy but how to choose the best to optimize your workouts? .

To choose the best music for training must take into account several variables. They should be very rhythmic and rapid and constant changes music . Anyway, you think that every sport or each routine can be associated with a type of music that suits the intensity level of discipline you choose. For example it is not the same music we use to run it for swimming or weight training.

From Fit Shop Pro review, your gym in Xativa, we recommend legendary songs that awaken your energy as you hear them . This is the case of Queen . This symphonic rock band has many issues that get make you vibrate and give you a lot of energy from the zero point . We Will Rock You , We Are theChampions League or the legendary Do not stop me now . Being a music of contrasts and blends rhythms will serve you for any routine that you choose.

There are also other styles of music that are very cañeros routines perfect for fitness equipment or weights and nu metal since its hard rhythm mixed with electronics and rhythmic changes and marked intensity are perfect. From Avanza Fitnes we want to remind the mythical soundtracks that all life have partnered to exercise and serving for any training you do .

Among the best known, can not miss of Rocky, Eye of Tiger , the English rock Blur is also a good choice. For Spinning, running or lifting weights, You’re gonna go far, kid . The Offspring with their guitars and drum solos will make up the intensity to the limit. AC / DC is also a safe bet , You shook me all night long. Sure sounds like.

Instrumental, best music to train

A collection of instrumentals  also are going to be very useful. If the issue is Requiem for a Dream that with 6 minutes melody in crescendo until its frantic tempo changes will you make your routines intervals with little effort . The sonor band to any of the movies Matrix are ideal for running for example. Electronic music is very suitable for its strong, marked and variable rates. The instrumental music of Pirates of the Caribbean , The Black Pearl, p is also erfecta to practice spinning for example.

And here our recommendations today. If you do not like our selection of the best music to train that we propose you can always go to die to ready music and selected especially for running, for appliances, for zumba, for aguafitness, for spinning and it will not cost anything found on Spotify .  In Avanza Fitness, your gym in Xativa, not only want you to do sport but also enjoy with him and what better way than accompanying music of your life , you just have to find the right rhythm for each routine and encourage … no exercise he has just begun. Do you dare with some of our recommendations?

Top 10 singers to learn English

Let ‘s face it : everyone (who else who less) we like the music (and music to learn English). You may be a devotee of Rock ‘n’ roll, Heavy Metal, Pop or Indie Music (or may even be a diehard fan of soundtracks like me). But in a nutshell: we all love music (another thing is to dance …).And since the walkman mobile, this has always accompanied us throughout our lives. So, why not take advantage and learn languages with her? And incidentally, why not the best singers to learn English?

We have always said: learn languages with music is one of the most fun, cheap (more free) and effective methods there . It helps us in improving our pronunciation, memorizing new vocabulary, to accustom our ear to the language, and self – paced accustom each language. So in your day and we brought here the best sites to learn languages with music . And so today we gather that, in our view, are the best singers to learn English (as well as some of his songs). But first a series of steps for this method to be truly effective :

And now yes. In the following lines you will find a list of our Top 10 singers to learn English .And we insist: como aprender ingles pela internet; not the best in the world. In those messes we prefer to not get involved. Here is many opinions as asses; each his (talking bad and soon), and obviously each have our singer / favorite band.

Therefore you should know that this list we have carried out based on a study published byWashington Post and the opinion of various academies of English as Eurolingua Study. Though of course suggestions are welcome! If you think someone else singer should appear in this ranking, leave your opinion on the bulletin board comments. We assure you will value your proposal:)

What are the 10 best singers to learn English?

the Beatles


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? A classic among classics. More known that Jesus said some. And that is why we have included in this ranking: because his songs and lyrics know them all (unless you’ve spent the last 40 years underground). Learn and sing their topics will be very simple, for sure at some point you heard. Moreover, these are very entertaining, very good, and very easy to understand.

And speaking of famous songs: ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, ‘Titanic’ Celine Dion ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra or ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E. King are also very good examples in this regard.



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? The famous Irish band whose songs deal withtopics as diverse as the social, cultural and political commitment; the religion; the environment … So many themes that his lyrics are perfect to learn new vocabulary . On the other hand they are rather slow songs, a leisurely pace, so you will not have any complications in learning with them. From this group we recommend mainly ‘All I want is you’, ‘With or without you’, or ‘Beautiful day’.



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? We may like more or less, but no one can deny that their songs are catchy, with very simple lyrics to understand and, why not say it , fun. And we said at the beginning how important it is fun to make this special method to succeed. You may even be excited to dance with them. From his extensive repertoire we suggest 3: ‘Halo’, ‘Single ladies’ or ‘If I were a boy’.

Although if you are looking for are catchy songs you can also choose to ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Japsen, or ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Taylor Swift.

Michael Jackson


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? He could not miss the King of Pop on this list!Their songs are not only well known to all, but also very catchy. Moreover, much of his discography compose rather simple songs (grammatically speaking) as ‘We Are the World’, ‘Thriller’ or ‘You are not alone’. But beware; some other of his songs are rather complicated.The latter ideal for the veterans in the battles of English. And it is that Michael has it all!

Bob Marley


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? No one doubts it: Bob Marley was (and still is) the figure who popularized reggae music worldwide. And among its 18 disks we found some songs very easy to understand (and with a lot of history behind); which makes them perfect for learning English. Especially attentive ‘No Woman, No Cry’, ‘Stir It Up’ or ‘One Love’. They are also perfect to cheer the day;)

Rolling Stones


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? Lovers Rock ‘n’ roll; we have not forgotten you.In this case we would like to highlight the Rolling Stones. A great British band that is said is aprecursor of contemporary rock (there is nothing). Some of his songs are considered the best of all time. Therefore they are well known to all and, last but not least, the slow pace of many of his subjects facilitate learning English. And in this genre the slowness of the letter and little background noise are essential.

But neither we would leave out other groups rockers: ‘I Do not Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith,’ Always’ Bon Jovi ‘Otherside’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers, or ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Metallica They are also very good songs.

What in


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? Nothing better to practice your British English .Their songs are well known to all over the world, its perfect pronunciation and also are some great songs (and we emphasize it from ‘Scratch’). While speaking British English we can not forget ‘The Creep’ by Radiohead, ‘Time is Running Out’ Muse or ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis.

PS: fijaros as ‘Do not Stop Me Now’, despite its frenzied pace, it is very easy to understand the lyrics. Great ‘Queen’!



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? If the British and American accent you resistnothing better then a Spanish group sing English to learn this language. And no, this section could not miss ‘Dover’. His “Spanish intonation” will be of great help to understand in detail the lyrics of his songs. Ideal for first – timers. And if you think we do not check out ‘Serenade’ or ‘Devil Came to Me’.



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? No, your songs are nothing simple to understand. No, not that be the most famous in the world (although neither is he missing fans).Why do we include then? Well, the English ‘slang’ . That is, the English vocabulary used in the street, in day to day with friends (and therefore very necessary to know). And that just does not go Eminem miss you ! Attentive if not a ” Lose yourself ‘,’ Stan ‘or’ Without Me ‘. And if you’re really interested in this type of alert to English following article: “Twenty colloquial English phrases you have to know (by far ‘slang’)” .

Justin Bieber


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? No, do not kill us yet! We know that many of you will not fall precisely Justin well (to put it mildly). But let sharpening scythes a moment. If we have included Justin Bieber in this list it is so catchy and simple are his songs. Perfect to learn more everyday vocabulary and ideal for beginners . It has also been chosen by the young audience as a good reference to learn and improve English. To highlight a couple of his songs;’Never say never’ or ‘One time’.

And speaking of simple, everyday songs: ‘You are Beautiful’ by James Blunt or ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Japsen are also good examples.

Well ladies and gentlemen; “This is the end my only friend the end”. But before we rain down darts and stones for not having included this or that group remember only one thing: if you think someone else singer should appear on this list please leave us a proposal on the bulletin board comments . But remember! We are not evaluating the quality of the songs, but what are they appropriate to learn English.

The controversial diet Chris Martin, lead singer and frontman of Coldplay

Chris Martin, 38 old and vocalist of the English band, not used to talk about 3 week diet plan but music, but since he married actress Gwyneth Paltrow,  who is five years older than him, seems to have caught him concern about what you eat.

In an interview with an American radio, the singer of Coldplay that follows the diet of 6: 1,  which is to fast one day a week.

The English musician mentions, “the regime going very well for creativity, I am more productive when I start to write songs.” And one of the wonders of the weekly fast, according to Chris Martin, is the immediate improvement that occurs in the voice. We will have to wait for her new album to check the effect of diet 6: 1.

Yes, Chris has opted for this diet (do not know what the experts say about this).

Diet 6: 1 Chris Martin has discovered to his voice, their creativity and their welfare is not new. For 5 decades there. And made famous English football player Sir Stanley Matthews, who played until he was 50 years old and managed to reach 87 years. He attributed the regime to be fit to 6: 1.

Mattehws died in 2000 and is still a legend in English football.

Chris Martin, leader of the British band Coldplay, caused a stir in the nets after revealing that one day a week does not eat anything.

The singer explained the reasons behind this curious practice, which in addition to achieving a better physique, channeled their creative energies.

“Fasting once a week. I started because I was sick once and a guy said ‘try not to eat for a day because it will make your body feel healthier, “said Martin in a program of radio station Fresh 102.7.

As the experiment worked, Chris Martin continued the practice and found that it also helped in other areas of your life.

“I discovered I could sing better, and makes me feel more grateful for the food, and that feeling of gratitude brings out feelings of joy,” he said. “Further. when you are hungry, you are very focused, so both sides helps creativity. “

The 10 best movie soundtracks

The music in the film is one of the most important elements, but in the case of some films has a special importance. Who does not remember the song that the Trapp family went to bed in Smiles and tears or accompanying Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz ? Dolby, experts offer the best sound in theaters, you have selected the ten best soundtracks in film history. Which is your favorite?

In addition, putlocker presents the emotional short animated Silent – you can see thebeginning of the news – a story that shows how inventors, contacuentos and technology work together to create movie magic .

1. Saturday Night Fever  (1977). When someone says the word “disco”, this classic always comes to mind. Classics like “Stayin ‘Alive”, “Disco Inferno” and the title track to the film made famous the Bee Gees and turned John Travolta into a star.

2. Sound of Music  (1965). Millions of families around the world have been thrilled with the classic “Do-Re-Mi”, “My Favorite Things” and, of course, “The Sound of Music”.

3. Dirty Dancing  (1987). A film defined by its soundtrack. The classic “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”, which defines a decade.

4. Psycho  (1960). Just hear it once to never forget. According to the director: “33% of the effect of Psychosis is due to the music.”

5. Pulp Fiction  (1994). “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield accompanies John Travolta in this classic film. And how can we forget the scene dancing to Chuck Berry?

6. Chariots of Fire  (1981). Vangelis composed the classic that opens and closes this epic tale based on the Olympic Games in 1924. Running on the beach has never sounded so good.

7. The Wizard of Oz  (1939). 76 years after its release, the song “Over the Rainbow”, “If I Only Had a Heart” and, of course, “We’re Off to See the Wizard” still excited.

8. Help! (1965). The Beatles made many films, but probably his best songs are on this. All four of Liverpool devastate “Help!”, “Ticket to Ride” and “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”. And that is only the beginning. A classic.

9. Top Gun  (1986). Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis star in this film high – flying, but probably the real star is “Take My Breath Away”.

10. This is Spinal Tap  (1984). Described by its creator as “rockumentary” this funny parody of a heavy metal band tour includes some rock anthems like “Big Bottom”, “Stonehenge” and “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight”.

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As part of the delivery of instruments to students of the winning schools of the “Battle of the Bands,” President Juan Orlando Hernandez urged them to be peacemakers and culture to forge “new Honduras”.

“When I lived in Gracias Lempira, at an early age, I was in the band and ran the trumpet, but what really more encouraged I was involved with my teammates, like I did in the Military High School North in San Pedro Sula because with that brotherhood is built, “he recalled with joy the president.

He added that since his work in politics you requested collaboration to fix schools, community projects and tools for martial and military bands, which motivated him to help bands, to see grandparents, parents and siblings to participate in musical skills at halftime of every football game.


The president also contributed to the participation of each school bands in different regions of the country, civic values is anchored in citizenship.

“Since assuming he had the concern to encourage the battles of the bands, which were held for the first time in 2014 with the participation of 15,000 students from 70 bands,” he said.

He recalled that on September 15 last, in commemorating the 193 anniversary of Independence Patria, participated and witnessed for 12 hours, the parade, choirs, choreographic groups and bands.


“I did not feel the time, but the excitement and enjoyment that on September 15, with a full stadium, as a sign of good citizenship within and outside the capital colossus” admitted the Ruler.

He also noted that one of the legacies you want to leave is support for all bands in public schools, as well as music teachers.


In this regard, the Chief Executive announced that award scholarships to students who demonstrate greatest musical talents in the bands of each school in the country, while reported Holy Week 2015 will be animated in various tourist areas, musical ensembles, to make it a fun and family time.

He also said that each school bands will participate actively enlivening the President Cup, which takes place currently in its second phase with the presence of 32 teams, after being eliminated in the first round equal number of clubs.

On the other hand, explained that the fairs in the municipalities will be acuerpadas on the wings of each institute. “We are seeking the changes den for recreation of children and youth,” he said.


To do this, he said that the delivery of instruments will be made from today at 4 pm every school in Democracy Square Presidential House as an act of transparency.

Similarly, he noted that the bands competition in 2015 will be massively across the country and added that teachers and bandleader will have their economic incentive for the contribution to culture, art and prevention.


Hernandez said that in the Recreovías the participation of the bands, to the delight of families attending the space of fun and community sharing will also be promoted.

He added that in less than two years 40 mega parks will be built in places like Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, El Paraiso, Lepaera, Lempira and each department head.

“I ask you to invite me time bands meetings to attend, because I do not want to miss this show. You are the protagonists of these great changes the country is undergoing,” the head of the Honduran State.,


The activity promoted by President Juan Orlando Hernández, in order to promote national identity and promoting the culture of peace through the Office of Prevention, Peace and Coexistence was held within the framework of the commemoration of Sept. 15 , the “Festival of Bands for a Better Life”.

The festival was held with social trust funds Rate of Population Security, and was attended by 15,000 students from 70 bands from schools last September 5 in three municipalities:

Central District, with the participation of 20 bands, an event held at Plaza Democracy Presidential House.

San Pedro Sula, 35 institutes participated in the Olympic Gymnasium facilities.

La Ceiba, also 15 institutes participated in the gym Simon Azcona.


1-Hannibal Rhodes, the deputy director of the Technical Institute Alejandro Flores and director of the band Paradise: “One of the characteristic of his Government’s support for the arts, culture and sport, with the delivery of musical instruments, promoting recreovías and the President Cup “.

Within the event, the band director of that school, presented a scroll and a gift of fruits and crops Paradise, the President Hernandez.

2-Reinaldo Sanchez, Minister of the Presidency and Coordinator of the Office of Prevention, Peace and Coexistence: “The delivery of instruments will be made simultaneously in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba, and is the first stage of this initiative will come throughout the country, to encourage musical culture, healthy living, as the seed of the new Honduras “.


-The Government awarded simultaneously with the 70 bands, with the delivery of instruments manner, valued at 50,000 lempiras

Relatives, Parents will enjoy watching the events and also while waiting for the program they can watch movies on this site movie4k.