10 artists who have dedicated their songs to coffee

coffee machine rental sg has been the saving drink of thousands of people , from students, workers, Godinez, and even raw, because all the properties and the delicious taste that characterize it . Before this, many singers have paid tribute, so we bring you a top of the best songs dedicated to coffee:

1. For the espresso coffee: “Coffee Cantata” ,  Johann Sebastian Bach

2. For a delicious coffee cut: hopefully that rains coffee ” , Juan Luis Guerra

3. from chocochino:  ” Grinding coffee “Hugo Blanco

4. Dedicated to macchiatto latte :” Ay Mama Ines “Snowball

5. American life:” One cup of coffee ” Bob Marley

6. The cappuccino can not miss: “One more cup of coffee , ” Bob Dylan

7. A unique barista: “The coffee song” Frank Sinatra

8. A spectacular mocha: “Coffee time Natalie Cole

9. Lungo intense: “Another cup of coffee , ” Mike & The Mechanics

10. Ristretto Ardenza: “Two beds and a coffee machine”, Savage Garden

Another singer who is no slouch  Will.i.am,  who worked with  Nescafé Dolce Gusto  to launch a video, which is a remake of the famous remix “The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. This production Grammy winner, is part of the new  global campaign ‘Creativity reinvents the classic’ , which celebrates the fusion of music and coffee, two things without which we could not live.

Are you craved a cup?