5 famous reveal your beauty secrets

It is curious that many of the most beautiful women in the world, who offer their faces to champion the virtues of creams and the most expensive cosmetics on the market, use natural products to enrich their beauty. In everyday life come to the fridge or fruit basket to make yourself a pilaten mask or hair treatment .

All agree that to stay healthy and fine food is fundamental, as well as exercisedaily through simple routines, walking or yoga . Learn the secrets of beauty of some of them:

1. Claudia Schiffer . The German model has its own tricks to show off a hair radiant with shine and enhance the natural blonde. Bathes in beer once a week. It also leaves your hair slightly moist after bathing, to achieve a textured finish.

2. Terri Hatcher . The 47-year-old actress boasts soft, youthful skin. Your secret to keep it that way? A bubbly bath in a whirlpool enriched with red wine (one to ntioxidante ) and essential oils that tone, moisturise and exfoliate the skin of the body.

Hatcher is a lover of wine . Also it consumes, because a small dose causes decreased risk for heart problems.

3. Ana Brenda . She shares a natural recipe for a skin toned. Do you want to know the recipe? 1 cup natural yogurt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon grapefruit juice. Mix everything and apply to the face every night after removing make-up. Leave to act for 5 minutes and remove with fresh water. This way your dermis will look more hydrated and younger. Do it once a week.

4. Chantal Andere . The villain of the soap operas one is peeling to remove the top layers of dead skin cells with 1 block and 3 crushed strawberries. After washing the face, apply the preparation on the face for 10 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

Chantal learned the virtues of the apple when he learned that a group of researchers from the University of Iowa found that apple peel contains ursolic acid , which reduces wear and promotes muscle growth. They also found a substance that decreases fat levels and glucose , cholesterol and triglyceridesin the blood.

5. Daniela Luján. This popular Mexican artist uses hair a mixture of olive oil , honey and a little lemon. He applies it a couple of times a month. For the face, use a tomato with lemon; Affirms that it is good to undo and applies it once a week to match the tone of your skin.

The key is to use natural products or otherwise, that you go with professional beauty , to prevent the development of any allergy or irritation to your skin. Remember that every dermis is different, but it is very important to have proper hygiene and moisturize every part of your body, to reduce fine lines and look better.