Locksmith criticizes that each student of the School of Music “costs 1,000 euros to all the citizens of Abulenses”

The councilor of UPyP has insisted on how heavy is the Municipal School of Music and the School of Arts to the City Council of the capital when the musical training is an “improper competition” of the Consistory.

Municipal School of Music.

“I do not want to close the School of Music but it is managed in a different way,” said Javier Cerrajero, for which he has explained what it means for the municipal coffers. With 400,000 euros of cost and 400 students, “each student costs 1,000 to the people of Ávila” -of which 25 percent are children and 75 percent adults-, which makes this center a “structural problem” derived of having been created when the City Council had “a big budget”.The councilman has contrasted this situation with the sports field, which is the responsibility of the City Council, to emphasize that the sport has more than 5,000 practitioners and less budget than the School of Music.

“I suppose that the monitor of tennis or rhythmic gymnastics would also like to be a working staff of the City Council”, he said, comparing with the teachers of the musical center.

“Locksmith, please locksmith.

Do not leave the door like that.

Hurry locksmith. Do not leave me like that.

I need to know your name, your address,

Be suspicious of your neighbor.

Place a good security lock on the door of your house … “

Locksmith , Leo Masliah.

As a known cadence, the two films directed by Natalia Smirnoff ( Puzzle and The locksmith reservoir ) repeat a few themes with some different combination in each case. The resulting tone is discreet, buried; its protagonists go through changes and revelations without apparently altering their mood or expression. The world turns slowly around giving them time to reflect, maybe prepare to perceive some variation, which will only be affordable for them.
UPyD has presented an amendment to the project of ordinances to raise the fees of the School of Music to raise 220,000 euros instead of 200,000.