Music for wedding day

Today we will talk about music on the day of the wedding . In Serendipity-Photography we are specialists in Wedding Photography , but we know that there are many details in a wedding that we have to have prepared, and one of them is music for special moments .

Who has not imagined the day of their wedding arriving at the altar or the increasingly prepared and flirty civil ceremony tables while a melodious song played by an orchestra plays? Maybe an orchestra is going a little budget but from Serendipity-Photography we leave you a list of musical suggestions to accompany you throughout the ceremony.

For the entrance of the bride we recommend 4 works that will not disappoint you, it is a key moment, the bride shows her best smile to her guests and her wedding photographer, and it is very important that we feel identified with the music that sounds in this moment, it will make us show the best of smiles.

1. This precious work by Albinoni, Adagio in G minor

2. A little more animated, perfect for weddings in summer and outdoors, its title is Canon and Giga .

3. You could not miss a classic at weddings:  Aria de la suite in ReM , by Bach.

4. This is especially recommended for religious ceremonies , its title is Cantata Jesu meine Freude .

For the readings of witnesses and friends, we recommend a song performed by the London Philharmonic, Haende canticorum Iubilo .

Other songs that you can use as a soundtrack in your day can be:

The spring of Vivaldi.

Wagner’s Bridal March .

Alleluia exultate Mozart’s iubilate .

Ave Maria composed by Schubert.

And if you are looking for something more relaxed, what better than a work entitled Meditation , composed by Thais, a work that delights for violin lovers.

And finally friends, as a gift I leave this beautiful composition that few know by the name of its author: Mendelssohn but it is the most traditional wedding marches and is that it was composed for it since its name is Marriage Bridal .

And if doubts assail you and you need a helping hand you know that you can contact us to guide you in the choice of music for your wedding , we will be happy to advise you on your choice. You can send an email to info@serendipity-fotografí

We are waiting your comments. Surely among all we find the perfect music for this unforgettable day.

Until next time!