Buying cheap vacuum cleaners but at the same time are of quality and we can amortize them for a long time is surely the biggest challenge for those looking to acquire a vacuum cleaner.

That is why, in today’s post, we are going to select the best cheap vacuum cleaners on the market this year.
To do this, we have focused on the combination of price and opinions of buyers of Amazon, the online store that more sales volume in appliances currently generates. If you want to buy some product and do not know how to do it, we recommend that you take a look at the guide for first time buyers . The truth is that there is no secret: registration with mail and payment with credit card, with the guarantee of a large store like Amazon.
We have conducted a 20-hour investigation, comparing and analyzing more than 30 products on the market and we have selected the 5 best vacuums for you.
In this complete guide we offer you 2 useful tools that will help you to make the best decision according to your needs and budget:
1. The best cheap vacuum cleaners of 2016
2. What to keep in mind when buying a vacuum cleaner
In the market you can find many brands of cheap vacuum cleaners, but there are 3 brands that rank highest in the ranking, 3 brands that win among buyers:
• Black & Decker: This internationally recognized and prestigious brand specializes in the manufacture of high-end, first-class appliances, always striving for quality and design at attractive prices. A safe bet.
• Dyson: Specialists in manufacturing vacuum cleaners, the English brand Dyson is a brand that has years of experience in the sector, offering buyers high quality, first class materials and modern and sophisticated designs, always at low prices.
• IRobot : The popular iRobot brand has positioned itself strongly in the vacuum cleaner sector thanks to the sale of its vacuum cleaner robots, which allow families to enjoy a clean floor without any effort. Ideal for those who do not have the time.
Below we offer you a list that collects the 5 best cheap vacuum cleaners on the market, those with better value for money.
First of all, we want to make it clear that we will include cheap vacuum cleaners that meet minimums. For example, we find models of hand vacuum for € 20, but both opinions and common sense as our experience prove to us that it is not a good buy. It is better to spend 40 euros on a product that can withstand and that is of acceptable quality.

The market has countless cheap vacuum cleaners, but surely not all fit your specific needs, that is why before making a specific decision we advise you to consider some basic features before making your choice:
• Power: It is important to opt for a high-power appliance that will ensure an effective and easy cleaning. It is interesting to offer between 1400W and 2200W. Also take into account the suction power, which should not be less than 400W.
• Noise level : The excessive noise in a vacuum cleaner is very annoying, so it is best to choose those models that offer a noise level below 70 dB. Suspended and isolated motors help to reduce the noise level.
• Cable Length: If it is a cable operated vacuum cleaner, it is important to ensure that it is long enough to allow you freedom of movement at home.
• Brand: Always bet for the purchase of cheap vacuum cleaners of the first brands that offer you the highest guarantees of satisfaction and the highest quality materials on the market.
• Airflow: The performance of the vacuum cleaner will depend basically on the air flow, which must be the same as 800 km / h, speed at which the air can reach inside the aspirator.
• Energy consumption: It is essential that the aspirate that is acquired offers a low energy consumption, allowing a greater saving in the invoice of the light.
If you want to buy one of the cheap vacuum cleaners on the market, remember our proposals …. They are sure to meet your expectations!
As we have already commented on some occasion, we do not all need the same type of vacuum cleaner, so we are going to separate according to the type of cheap vacuum cleaner: hand vacuum cleaners, bagless vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners.
If you are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner robot , we recommend that you go through our comparative page of vacuum cleaners.
Let’s start!
Hand vacuum cleaners are the ideal product for home maintenance or cleaning small or hard surfaces (a car, behind furniture, etc.). Our selection of best inexpensive vacuum
for this type is:

Hand Vacuum Cleaners Catalog
The best portable vacuum cleaners
The bagless vacuum cleaner is the lifeline sled vacuum cleaner but with the advantage that we should not replace the bag with the vacuumed dirt. It is the type of vacuum cleaner more warrior and multipurpose. Currently, most of the latest model vacuum cleaners are already manufactured using this technology, which saves money on the purchase of replacement bags and is more environmentally friendly. This is our selection of three cheap vacuum cleaners of this type:

Complete catalog of vacuum cleaners without a bag
The best bagless vacuum cleaners of 2015
Finally, we will select the best cheap electric brooms . This product is ideal to keep the surface of our house in perfect condition, being of great help in a home with children or with animals. Our selection is as follows:

Complete catalog of broom vacuum cleaners
The best vacuum cleaners, at the best price
That is all, these would be our choices when it comes to acquiring a cheap vacuum cleaner . As always, we invite you to share with us any opinion or experience you have had with vacuum cleaners. If you have any questions, leave a comment or contact us via social networks.
Until next time!