The best music to train

Does it increase the intensity of your workout if you accompany it with the right music? You know that if we synchronize the movements of our exercise routines with the rhythm of music, the power maximizes me and effort is minimized? In Avanza Fitness, your gym in Xativa , we want to choose the best music to train to optimize your effort . Do you dare to follow our advice?

The motivation for exercise is very important if you want to be effective. It’s more than proven that music motivates a lot. If you choose the right music and volume is slightly above the comfort zone, you will increase the workload without realizing  and effort go unnoticed.

In Avanza Fitness, your sports center in La Costera , as experts in Fitness, we organized many and varied aimed classes where music is the protagonist because we know from experience that motivation is essential in order to become consistent and maximize the effort. Add the best music to train you ensures immediate charge extra energy , get in a good mood in record time and is able to give us that final push when the force decays.

The best music to train to stimulate your senses

The practice of exercise requires the necessary motivation not to relax to enjoy getting fit well. And for this we have the music. It does not matter the style you choose or you like more . There is always a topic that when you start to hear their first notes, you come up and you increase without realizing the intensity to give the final push needed to finish your scheduled routines. Stimulate you with music is very easy but how to choose the best to optimize your workouts? .

To choose the best music for training must take into account several variables. They should be very rhythmic and rapid and constant changes music . Anyway, you think that every sport or each routine can be associated with a type of music that suits the intensity level of discipline you choose. For example it is not the same music we use to run it for swimming or weight training.

From Fit Shop Pro review, your gym in Xativa, we recommend legendary songs that awaken your energy as you hear them . This is the case of Queen . This symphonic rock band has many issues that get make you vibrate and give you a lot of energy from the zero point . We Will Rock You , We Are theChampions League or the legendary Do not stop me now . Being a music of contrasts and blends rhythms will serve you for any routine that you choose.

There are also other styles of music that are very cañeros routines perfect for fitness equipment or weights and nu metal since its hard rhythm mixed with electronics and rhythmic changes and marked intensity are perfect. From Avanza Fitnes we want to remind the mythical soundtracks that all life have partnered to exercise and serving for any training you do .

Among the best known, can not miss of Rocky, Eye of Tiger , the English rock Blur is also a good choice. For Spinning, running or lifting weights, You’re gonna go far, kid . The Offspring with their guitars and drum solos will make up the intensity to the limit. AC / DC is also a safe bet , You shook me all night long. Sure sounds like.

Instrumental, best music to train

A collection of instrumentals  also are going to be very useful. If the issue is Requiem for a Dream that with 6 minutes melody in crescendo until its frantic tempo changes will you make your routines intervals with little effort . The sonor band to any of the movies Matrix are ideal for running for example. Electronic music is very suitable for its strong, marked and variable rates. The instrumental music of Pirates of the Caribbean , The Black Pearl, p is also erfecta to practice spinning for example.

And here our recommendations today. If you do not like our selection of the best music to train that we propose you can always go to die to ready music and selected especially for running, for appliances, for zumba, for aguafitness, for spinning and it will not cost anything found on Spotify .  In Avanza Fitness, your gym in Xativa, not only want you to do sport but also enjoy with him and what better way than accompanying music of your life , you just have to find the right rhythm for each routine and encourage … no exercise he has just begun. Do you dare with some of our recommendations?