The controversial diet Chris Martin, lead singer and frontman of Coldplay

Chris Martin, 38 old and vocalist of the English band, not used to talk about 3 week diet plan but music, but since he married actress Gwyneth Paltrow,  who is five years older than him, seems to have caught him concern about what you eat.

In an interview with an American radio, the singer of Coldplay that follows the diet of 6: 1,  which is to fast one day a week.

The English musician mentions, “the regime going very well for creativity, I am more productive when I start to write songs.” And one of the wonders of the weekly fast, according to Chris Martin, is the immediate improvement that occurs in the voice. We will have to wait for her new album to check the effect of diet 6: 1.

Yes, Chris has opted for this diet (do not know what the experts say about this).

Diet 6: 1 Chris Martin has discovered to his voice, their creativity and their welfare is not new. For 5 decades there. And made famous English football player Sir Stanley Matthews, who played until he was 50 years old and managed to reach 87 years. He attributed the regime to be fit to 6: 1.

Mattehws died in 2000 and is still a legend in English football.

Chris Martin, leader of the British band Coldplay, caused a stir in the nets after revealing that one day a week does not eat anything.

The singer explained the reasons behind this curious practice, which in addition to achieving a better physique, channeled their creative energies.

“Fasting once a week. I started because I was sick once and a guy said ‘try not to eat for a day because it will make your body feel healthier, “said Martin in a program of radio station Fresh 102.7.

As the experiment worked, Chris Martin continued the practice and found that it also helped in other areas of your life.

“I discovered I could sing better, and makes me feel more grateful for the food, and that feeling of gratitude brings out feelings of joy,” he said. “Further. when you are hungry, you are very focused, so both sides helps creativity. “