Top 10 singers to learn English

Let ‘s face it : everyone (who else who less) we like the music (and music to learn English). You may be a devotee of Rock ‘n’ roll, Heavy Metal, Pop or Indie Music (or may even be a diehard fan of soundtracks like me). But in a nutshell: we all love music (another thing is to dance …).And since the walkman mobile, this has always accompanied us throughout our lives. So, why not take advantage and learn languages with her? And incidentally, why not the best singers to learn English?

We have always said: learn languages with music is one of the most fun, cheap (more free) and effective methods there . It helps us in improving our pronunciation, memorizing new vocabulary, to accustom our ear to the language, and self – paced accustom each language. So in your day and we brought here the best sites to learn languages with music . And so today we gather that, in our view, are the best singers to learn English (as well as some of his songs). But first a series of steps for this method to be truly effective :

And now yes. In the following lines you will find a list of our Top 10 singers to learn English .And we insist: como aprender ingles pela internet; not the best in the world. In those messes we prefer to not get involved. Here is many opinions as asses; each his (talking bad and soon), and obviously each have our singer / favorite band.

Therefore you should know that this list we have carried out based on a study published byWashington Post and the opinion of various academies of English as Eurolingua Study. Though of course suggestions are welcome! If you think someone else singer should appear in this ranking, leave your opinion on the bulletin board comments. We assure you will value your proposal:)

What are the 10 best singers to learn English?

the Beatles


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? A classic among classics. More known that Jesus said some. And that is why we have included in this ranking: because his songs and lyrics know them all (unless you’ve spent the last 40 years underground). Learn and sing their topics will be very simple, for sure at some point you heard. Moreover, these are very entertaining, very good, and very easy to understand.

And speaking of famous songs: ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, ‘Titanic’ Celine Dion ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra or ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E. King are also very good examples in this regard.



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? The famous Irish band whose songs deal withtopics as diverse as the social, cultural and political commitment; the religion; the environment … So many themes that his lyrics are perfect to learn new vocabulary . On the other hand they are rather slow songs, a leisurely pace, so you will not have any complications in learning with them. From this group we recommend mainly ‘All I want is you’, ‘With or without you’, or ‘Beautiful day’.



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? We may like more or less, but no one can deny that their songs are catchy, with very simple lyrics to understand and, why not say it , fun. And we said at the beginning how important it is fun to make this special method to succeed. You may even be excited to dance with them. From his extensive repertoire we suggest 3: ‘Halo’, ‘Single ladies’ or ‘If I were a boy’.

Although if you are looking for are catchy songs you can also choose to ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Japsen, or ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Taylor Swift.

Michael Jackson


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? He could not miss the King of Pop on this list!Their songs are not only well known to all, but also very catchy. Moreover, much of his discography compose rather simple songs (grammatically speaking) as ‘We Are the World’, ‘Thriller’ or ‘You are not alone’. But beware; some other of his songs are rather complicated.The latter ideal for the veterans in the battles of English. And it is that Michael has it all!

Bob Marley


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? No one doubts it: Bob Marley was (and still is) the figure who popularized reggae music worldwide. And among its 18 disks we found some songs very easy to understand (and with a lot of history behind); which makes them perfect for learning English. Especially attentive ‘No Woman, No Cry’, ‘Stir It Up’ or ‘One Love’. They are also perfect to cheer the day;)

Rolling Stones


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? Lovers Rock ‘n’ roll; we have not forgotten you.In this case we would like to highlight the Rolling Stones. A great British band that is said is aprecursor of contemporary rock (there is nothing). Some of his songs are considered the best of all time. Therefore they are well known to all and, last but not least, the slow pace of many of his subjects facilitate learning English. And in this genre the slowness of the letter and little background noise are essential.

But neither we would leave out other groups rockers: ‘I Do not Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith,’ Always’ Bon Jovi ‘Otherside’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers, or ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Metallica They are also very good songs.

What in


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? Nothing better to practice your British English .Their songs are well known to all over the world, its perfect pronunciation and also are some great songs (and we emphasize it from ‘Scratch’). While speaking British English we can not forget ‘The Creep’ by Radiohead, ‘Time is Running Out’ Muse or ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis.

PS: fijaros as ‘Do not Stop Me Now’, despite its frenzied pace, it is very easy to understand the lyrics. Great ‘Queen’!



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? If the British and American accent you resistnothing better then a Spanish group sing English to learn this language. And no, this section could not miss ‘Dover’. His “Spanish intonation” will be of great help to understand in detail the lyrics of his songs. Ideal for first – timers. And if you think we do not check out ‘Serenade’ or ‘Devil Came to Me’.



Why is one of the best singers to learn English? No, your songs are nothing simple to understand. No, not that be the most famous in the world (although neither is he missing fans).Why do we include then? Well, the English ‘slang’ . That is, the English vocabulary used in the street, in day to day with friends (and therefore very necessary to know). And that just does not go Eminem miss you ! Attentive if not a ” Lose yourself ‘,’ Stan ‘or’ Without Me ‘. And if you’re really interested in this type of alert to English following article: “Twenty colloquial English phrases you have to know (by far ‘slang’)” .

Justin Bieber


Why is one of the best singers to learn English? No, do not kill us yet! We know that many of you will not fall precisely Justin well (to put it mildly). But let sharpening scythes a moment. If we have included Justin Bieber in this list it is so catchy and simple are his songs. Perfect to learn more everyday vocabulary and ideal for beginners . It has also been chosen by the young audience as a good reference to learn and improve English. To highlight a couple of his songs;’Never say never’ or ‘One time’.

And speaking of simple, everyday songs: ‘You are Beautiful’ by James Blunt or ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Japsen are also good examples.

Well ladies and gentlemen; “This is the end my only friend the end”. But before we rain down darts and stones for not having included this or that group remember only one thing: if you think someone else singer should appear on this list please leave us a proposal on the bulletin board comments . But remember! We are not evaluating the quality of the songs, but what are they appropriate to learn English.